Horses from the Ground Up
Meet Carolyn

Carolyn Stambaugh is an Atlanta, Georgia native and has been riding since she was three years old.

Most of Carolyn’s teaching takes place at her 17-acre farm outside of Waleska, Ga., where she resides with her horses Chief, Darby, Pony mule Zeus, Sam, Reno, Hey Mickey and D-Man Justice, several dogs and cats, and chickens.

Carolyn's Riding Camps offer the best in horses and plain ole fun.  They truly are THE BEST HORSE CAMP EVER!  See camp section on home page for further information.

Carolyn is a Certified Horsemanship Association, (CHA), Western Riding Instructor and Trail Guide.  CHA is a national organization for the certification of equine businesses.  She is also a member of Cherokee County Saddle Club, Chattahoochee Trail Horse Association, and Back Country Horsemen of America.

When she was 19, Carolyn met Ladybug, a two-year-old, green-broke, sorrel mare whom she rescued from a not-so-good owner.  After gaining her trust and nursing her back to health, the two of them explored the worlds of flat racing, barrel racing, overnight camping trips, a week-long cattle drive at a friend’s ranch in Saint Augustine, and hours and hours of being wrapped up in nature out on the trail.

“I have moved all over the South and Ladybug always was always with me.  My main concern for selecting a place to live was that she could live there with me.  Ladybug was my best friend. She taught me a lot about getting outside of myself and seeing the world through her eyes.  I have read extensively, taken many classes, and become a certified instructor, but my most important teacher was Ladybug.  She taught me my foundation for understanding equine behavior and how strong a bond can be achieved by talking to them in their way. "People ask me what famous trainer program I follow and I say 'I teach LADYBUG!'  She taught me the basics of how to communicate in her body language, subtle cues world.  I just listened."

"Ladybug lived a long, loved, adventurous life until I had to put her down at age 37.  To honor her I have designed my riding instruction to have as its foundation the training for successful communication and understanding with this wonderful companion animal.”







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